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I have just reviewed a series of texts and course offerings on body language, facial expressions, emotion and lie detection to keep me in touch with what is on offer in the field of behavioural analysis. I am noticing a ...

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The interview of Dave Lewis and his plans to investigate profits mistake. What do you notice in communication channels that can help you understand how the Tesco CEO is handling the investigation?  

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Take a look at the video of Chief Flynn’s (Milwaukee PD) response to reporters.  What are the points of interest in the observed behaviour that can provide insight into the emotions of Flynn? Post comments below…         ...

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WHAT IS YOUR FACE SAYING? International expert in behavoral analysis affirms that correctly interpret emotions helps you anticipate actions, which impacts the safety of large enterprises Eyebrows forced down, a glare, rolled-in lips and chin forward. Alert… this person is angry. Parted ...

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This is the first in a series of personal logs from a mix of experienced EIA staff and guest clients from around the world – some anonymous if sensitive, some signed off, though all are true accounts. They are reproduced ...

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