WHAT IS YOUR FACE SAYING? International expert in behavoral analysis affirms that correctly interpret emotions helps you anticipate actions, which impacts the safety of large enterprises Eyebrows forced down, a glare, rolled-in lips and chin forward. Alert… this person is angry. Parted ...

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This is the first in a series of personal logs from a mix of experienced EIA staff and guest clients from around the world – some anonymous if sensitive, some signed off, though all are true accounts. They are reproduced ...

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Paul Ekman PhD – interview about his global Training Programs

Paul Ekman comments on the setting up of Paul Ekman International with Cliff Lansley and the team at Emotional Intelligence Academy. He also chats about the quality assured cnetres, approved trainers and how the programs are expanding into other cultures ...

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August 2014 From a distance of twenty feet, without your knowledge or consent, the surveillance cameras, microphones and physiological sensors apply computer algorithms to process your gait, facial expression, gestures, voice, posture, heart rate, blood pressure and skin temperature — ...

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Jamie Lawrence of HR Zone reported this month that “there’s an emotional and physical price to pay when people are forced to display feelings that don’t coincide with how they’re actually feeling. Researchers followed 78 bus drivers in the north-western ...

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