Cliff Lansley

Peer reviewed research into multi-channel analysis in high stake contexts has been published in the Corpora Journal. Link and Extract: Archer, D.E. & Lansley, C.A.. 2015. Public appeals, news interviews and crocodile tears: an argument for multi-channel analysis. [ONLINE] Available at: ...

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A near miss is a special kind of failure, It feels a lot like a win. Think back to that time you rolled up that piece of paper and went for that almost impossible shot into your colleagues bin, or ...

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Adapted article by Paul Ekman International – original by JEPorter in the Huffington Post (9 July 2015). ‘I never thought seeing a kid’s movie would become the inspiration for a new blog on emotional intelligence. Seeing Inside Out, the new movie ...

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The  findings from the University of Portsmouth suggest that chimpanzees’ communication is more similar to humans than was previously known. The research also found that chimpanzees are able to produce these smile types silently, without being constrained by the accompanying ...

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Forbes recently outlined (thanks to Amy Martin – 8 June 2015) the eight biggest myths about lying, according to Dr Paul Ekman. Myth #1 – Everyone lies. Not about serious matters, says Paul Ekman, not about lies which if caught could ...

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